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I eat grapes


During the 5th grade talent show, in front of the entire school, I sang and danced a number from Peter Pan. I have plunged into the water from drops as high as 40 feet. While my purse was being stolen … Continue reading

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Electric Me. Electric You.

The ability to be spontaneous is an amazing benefit of being in your 20’s… If you happen to be single and it is summertime, it is a requirement. One morning, I was on gChat catching up with a dear friend … Continue reading

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Sorry to Burst Your My Bubble

As we grow up, we are required to take on more stuff that keeps you awake at night. I believe some people refer to these as, responsibilities. They can include; bills, maintaining friendships, taking care of yourself, and having a … Continue reading

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Summer 2011 | Part IV Hurr!cane

Hurricane Irene was a BIG DEAL in the summer of 2011.  This ‘hurricane’ blog has taken several trips to and from the drawing board. Things have been added and omitted. The aftermath has changed once or twice and there is … Continue reading

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It has come to this

Choose 2:  

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Summer 2011 | Part III Home Grown

I have been transient my entire life, living in many different cities from the West Coast to the East Coast. We would finish unpacking the last of our belongings, and then box them back up before the paint in our … Continue reading

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Dalentines Vay

Please see the collection of cards I created for my friends and co-workers. I am so thoughtful! [March 1st…not that late]

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